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      Scott HaywardScott Hayward

      Looking for guidance regarding hold open devices on doors in fire separations. To be specific, we have a condo building in our municipality that has door stops installed on all fire-rated suite entrance doors. We ordered them removed citing:
      OFC Article “closures in fire separations shall not be obstructed, blocked, wedged open, or altered in any way that would prevent the intended operation of the closure.”
      OFC Article (1): “a door in a fire separation shall be kept closed when not in use.”
      Our order is being challenged over interpretation of the applicable OFC Articles. Specifically: definition of “when in use”, and provisions stating that “Sentence 1 doesn’t apply to a door for which an approved fire safety plan contains provisions for closing in the event of a fire emergency”. One of the condo owners has stated that the doors are only blocked open for the (mostly elderly) occupants to bring groceries etc. into their unit and then the door is closed. He advises that removing the door stops will increase the likelihood of falls for the elderly.
      We reached out to our OFMEM advisor and were told to issue the order, let the building owner and/or individual condo owner challenge it, and the OFMEM would issue a ruling. Ideally we would have received an opinion before issuing the order and having it challenged.

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      Kevin MeijerinkKevin Meijerink

      Hi Scott,

      That’s what the appeals process is there for. I’d issue the order and advise of their appeal rights. At the end of the day you’re going to get a binding opinion from an engineer at the OFM that is going to put you in a better position then an opinion from your advisor.

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