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      Mathew WilliamsonMathew Williamson

      Hi All,

      Burlington is looking for any information on department’s that may have any SOG’s, procedures etc. on hoarding and abandoned buildings.  Specifically, we are looking at some of the following and are requesting any documents that may assist please be shared:

      -Considering CAD alerts for suppression on both hoarding and vacant buildings.

      -Training on identification of hazards for both hoarding and vacant buildings

      -SOG development on hoarding and vacant buildings.

      Please contact me directly to discuss and with any information.

      Yours in fire prevention,


      Mat Williamson

      Fire Prevention Inspector

      Assistant to the Fire Marshal

      City of Burlington-Fire Department

      1255 Fairview Street, Burlington ON L7S 1Y3


      905-637-8207 Ext. 6323

      905-333-1570 (Fax)



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      Hey Matt,


      Brampton Fire has a special team that was created to tackle hoarding issues.


      Shoot an e-mail over to Maddie Crevier, and I’m sure she can give you some more info about SOG’s, training and task groups they are working on.


      Crevier, Madelaine

      [email protected]

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