HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Also, a question about inspection software?

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      Christopher PaluchChristopher Paluch

      Howdy everyone, wondering what sort of inspection software everyone uses for the inspections, if any?

      I know there are some nice ones out there. Our department is switching to a new fire reporting software, and as I understand they do not have any offence wording in their software, which is kind of a bummer.  Just wondering whats out there?


      I’m curious to know what you folks use, if anything, and even if you don’t use any software and go manual (like I currently do).


      Thanks all 🙂

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      what software are you going with? we are in the process of implementing software ourselves, and i have no idea how the prevention portion of it is going work yet either

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      Christopher PaluchChristopher Paluch

      Emergency Reporting is the name of the software!

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      never heard of it, we are going with BEEon.

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      Joseph GardinerJoseph Gardiner
      • City: North Bay
      • Department Name: North Bay Fire & Emergency Services

      Hello Christopher,

      There was a question similar to this one posted a while ago that also might offer some additional information. Below is the link.

      Inspection software?

      Joe, North Bay

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      Greg GorslineGreg Gorsline
      • Department Name: Prince Edward County Fire & Rescue

      In Prince Edward County we use Firepro2 for incident reports as well as inspection orders its pretty good once you get on to it but I haven’t used any other software.

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