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      just curious if anyone is planning their Fire Prevention week yet? i know about the NFPA webinar coming up and intend to participate, but just curious if anyone has come up with any ideas yet, I usually spend my entire FPW in schools, but with the uncertainty of the upcoming school year, its kind of hard to plan anything

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      Alana ErwoodAlana Erwood

      We are looking at doing a banner contest. Students in grade 4 will get a short video with public education messaging and 11″ x 17″ paper to design a poster with the fire safety messaging learned in the video. The winning poster will be scanned and placed on the banner. Two banners will be printed, one will be hung on the fire station in the neighborhood the child lives in and the second banner in the school or classroom of the child.  Two, 2.5′ X 6′ banners on vistaprint are $198.00 plus tax and shipping. I am hoping they are more creative with drawing than myself.

      Banner Draft

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