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      Glenn StrudwickGlenn Strudwick
      • Department Name: Mississauga

      I was wondering how other depts are dealing with existing (pre 1994) below grade external stairwells, that are required to meet the exiting requirement for 9.8 of the OFC?

      Are any depts looking into if they were constructed under a previous building permit?

      Are depts treating them as existing and doing nothing? (where does one draw the line.. is a ladder acceptable?)

      Are depts forwarding this issue to the building dept for follow-up? If so, are you awaiting a “signed off” building permit/response, in order to close out an order?

      What if the ADU has been approved/accepted, and in the future, another city dept, deems the stairwell to be non compliant (ie construction/zoning) and orders the stairwell filled in?


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