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      Mike FrenchMike French

      I have been approached by a resident inquiring about dry hydrants. They are looking to install a dry hydrant on their property and are inquiring about what fittings the FD needs. I directed him to our water department to get this info, however our water department has responded back to me indicating that our municipality has not come across this before, the water department and is curious to know if there is any standards we should be looking at? Any ideas? Any one have these in there area?

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      Mike FrenchMike French

      Found it – NFPA 1142.

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      Delbert BlakneyDelbert Blakney
      • City: Kingston
      • Department Name: Kingston Fire & Rescue

      In Kingston our Municipal and Private Dry Hydrants are installed to NFPA 1142 and maintained to NFPA 25.  We have some dry hydrants at facilities where there is underground stored water tanks for firefighting (for example hwy 401 rest stops); we require them to be serviced annually like a fire hydrant.  This service is now be offered by Lakeshore Fire Hydrants.  It is important to ensure that the dry hydrant ports match your departments standard drafting equipment for example a 4″ stortz connection.  Hope this helps.


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      Michael BurnsMichael Burns

      Hi Mike,

      If your municipality has not been reviewing hydrant installation I would suggest you have someone conduct a check. We had a near miss a few years after a non-standard hydrant was installed. Luckily nobody was injured. But it did scare the firefighters that were involved.

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