Corridor Decorative Films (ASTM E84 vs. CAN/ULC-S102 and/or CAN/ULC-S109)

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      Matt LangfreyMatt Langfrey

      A growing trend we have noticed in schools and vulnerable occupancies is the installation of decorative vinyl films designed to promote positive messaging and environment.  During inspections over the last couple of years our inspectors have found vinyl wrapped doors and vinyl murals applied to corridor walls.  In most cases we have enforced  Div. B – sentence of the OFC to ensure that the vinyl material meets CAN/ULC-S109 for textile and film flame-resistance.  We do understand that Div. B – sentence could also be enforced as the vinyl films and decors could be considered an interior finish (CAN/ULC-S102).  In either case, we need to ensure that the material meets either CAN/ULC standard.  Regarding the doors, we do enforce Div. B – article to ensure that the vinyl wrap on the door has not damaged or affected the closure’s integrity.

      The question: most product specifications and approvals provided by the client and/or their vendor indicates compliance with ASTM E84.  I don’t not believe this standard is an equivalent to either CAN/ULC standard.  Can we accept ASTM E84 approved materials as an equivalent?  Does anyone know of any equivalent standards to CAN/ULC-S109 or CAN/ULC-S102?

      We understand our client’s intentions and needs, but we need to ensure that the fire code and Canadian standards are upheld.  If anyone has experience in this manner, please let us know.  I searched previous forum topics and could not fine any similar discussions.

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      Andrew McMillanAndrew McMillan

      Hi Matt,

      From my understanding, ATSM84 is equivalent to CAN/ULC-S102. It might be best to have them present this as an alternative solution. The big issue that I have found is that some of the vinyl films exceed the flame spread rating allowed.

      Feel free to reach out

      [email protected]

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