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      hey everyone, just wondering what anyone’s experience, if any with confinement rooms in schools, this will be the first time I am dealing with one, the room hasn’t been constructed yet, but they are preparing for it, they are under the assumption that they don’t require any building permits because the walls, which will be secured inside the building will be removable. I spoke with our CBO and he agrees they would require permits, but if they are containing a person in a secured room, would this not also be considered a detention area? They couldn’t provide me with any details on the types of locks or how it will work. Just looking for input if anyone has dealt with one of these. Thanks!

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson
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      Hey Nick,  If the CBO agrees that it needs permits, I say let him deal with it under the OBC with the Architect.

      If by “detention area” (detention occupancy is a defined term) and trying to look at it similar to jails/juvenile detention, I would disagree. It’s still part of the original A2 occupancy not a B1 as I would imagine they would only be holding a person temporarily until they can be moved to somewhere more appropriate. Even with that, it still falls under the OBC not the Fire Code for the construction.


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