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      Shannon SuzukiShannon Suzuki

      We are in the process of reviewing our Public Education material and it’s time to update our Sparky colouring book.

      1. Does your department produce their own? Was it funded by your municipality, a grant or from an advertising space on the book itself?

      2. If it was not produced in-house, where did you get it produced (or was it an off-the-shelf purchase)?

      3. Is it primarily a colouring book or an activity book?

      4. Do you different books for varying age groups?

      5. Did your department decide a colouring/activity book wasn’t the way to go and tried something else? If so, what?

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      Samantha HoffmannSamantha Hoffmann

      We did an activity book with TVO Kids a number of years ago and set it up so that any department could take it to their own print shop, insert their logo and contact information and get it printed.  We desgined four different covers just in case a child said, “I already have that one…”

      I print 20, 000 at a time in 4 different coloured covers (5000 of each) and it works out to less than 50 cents a copy.

      The content is based on the NFPA Learn Not to Burn program and supports the Ontario curriculum.  We tested it with a variety of age groups and have received nothing but positive feedback.

      If you would like to use it, send me an email and I will forward it to you.  You will need to add your own logo.  I can also provide you the contact info for the printer we use as he gives great prices and can easily swap out the logos for you.

      [email protected]

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      Shannon SuzukiShannon Suzuki

      Thank you Samantha. I’ll email you!

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson
      • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

      We’ve had one made a few times by Community Safety Net that was funded by local advertising.  It’s a decent book including a DVD, lots of information and colouring/activities. We have however, decided not to continue with them as their office is in Alberta so we’ve had a few of our businesses a bit uneasy why an Alberta company is looking for funding in Perth. Considering the number of scams in the world these days, we have decided to bring it all back local when we do our next round.

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      Len PappLen Papp


      St. Catharines Fire has produced our own activity book. Both Junior and Senior. We did a revamp of our books in later 2019. Our Corporate Com team has posted them online as most kids are now are home looking for something to do.

      It’s both a colouring and activity book.

      Yes, a junior and a senior activity book. Junior is generally 5 and younger.

      We have our in house print department copy the books for us in colour, so it’s really cost beneficial for our pub ed budget.

      I can send you a e-mail copy. Just shoot me an e-mail [email protected]

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      Shannon SuzukiShannon Suzuki


      We had explored that model also. Given the state of the economy, it may be difficult to go direct to the business community or through a third party such as Community Safety Net to find advertisers. Just keeping options open right now.

      Thanks again!

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      Shannon SuzukiShannon Suzuki

      Hi Len,

      Thank you also for your reply. Your website is great and easy to navigate. I wasn’t able to find the activity book though. Not looking to take ideas from others, just to be motivated 🙂


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