By-Law Prohibiting BBQ’s on Balconies – Yes/No?

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      Sheri KornSheri Korn

      In North Bay, our current ‘Open Air Burning’ By-Law (No. 2015-115) regulates the setting of fires and precautions to be taken with open air fires, barbecues and gas fired outdoor appliances.  Specifically it reads, “No person shall use a barbeque on a balcony or rooftop, or on a deck that is situated above the first storey of the building.”

      Does anyone else have a By-Law prohibiting BBQ’s on balconies and if so, do you enforce?  What are the challenges if any?

      Much Thanks!

      Sheri Korn



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      Mathew WilliamsonMathew Williamson

      Hi Sheri, unless an identified fire hazard I would suggest not including a bbq in the open air burning and prohibiting same.  Most of these buildings are either condominium corporations with by-laws for these types of things or have rules set for tenanted buildings.  Issue seems to regulate itself.  My thoughts.

      Mat Williamson,

      Fire Prevention Inspector – Burlington

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        Sheri KornSheri Korn

        I agree!  Thanks for your reply Mat.

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      Ralph SchmidtRalph Schmidt

      We have a bylaw that deals with bbq’s on balconies. It addresses not only propane but any kind of bbq that required lighting or igniting. We are hoping to add patio heaters and any other kind of device that uses a fuel and/or is open flamed. This would include tiki lamps and fire tables. Bylaw enforces these situations regularly.

      We are often faced with developers who want to include gas lines onto their balconies and we have consistently said no.

      Hope that helps.

      Ralph Schmidt — Cambridge

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