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      Gary LaframboiseGary Laframboise

      I was hoping I could find out what departments are issuing fitted bunker gear for prevention for completing fire investigations. The fire prevention division is trying to have fitted bunker gear issued and out H&S committee supports this.

      Presently we use old bunker gear than has been passed down from retired firefighters.

      Part of our present concern is that we now get decontaminated while on site and this includes being sprayed down with soap and water. the gear is not fitted and water can/does pass under the gear.

      We have coveralls but they can’t be used during decontamination.

      I would be willing to speak with anyone who has gone through the process and now receives fitted bunker gear.

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      Vince TrippVince Tripp

      Richmond Hill provides investigators with fitted bunker gear. It is of a lower quality than the gear issued to suppression staff but it works great for our needs.

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        Sean McKibbenSean McKibben

        Hi Vince,

        Could you also let us know what type of respiration you use?  We currently use SCBA in Oakville.

        Thanks for your response!


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      Delbert BlakneyDelbert Blakney
      • City: Kingston
      • Department Name: Kingston Fire & Rescue

      In Kingston we are provided tvek, coveralls and new fitted bunker gear.  We use a firefighter helmet that is a structural firefighting helmet with affixed safety goggles.

      For respirators we currently have a powered PAPR with soft MSA soft mask with drinking tube.  This prevents PAPR from fogging up and allows a camera to be pulled close to the eye.  We are in the process of moving towards full SCBA.

      Hope this helps.


      Del Blakney

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      Denise RoseDenise Rose
      • City: London
      • Department Name: London Fire Department

      Ottawa provides fitted bunker gear for our investigators, and has for at least 15 years.  –

      because someone else asked – we use 3M APAR breathing masks.


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