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Douglas HollandDouglas Holland
  • City: Muskoka Lakes
  • Department Name: Muskoka Lakes Fire Department

Muskoka Lakes uses FirePro2 software, we generate orders and not reports as reports are not enforceable.  FirePro2 has a module that you can use remotely, but still have to enter contraventions manually via a laptop or mobile device.  Only problem is, unless you have a mobile printer or mobile hotspot you’re still required to return to the office.  The hope is eventually there will be software development that will incorporate an inspection check list that can be completed on site.  Example, a restaurant with an occupant load of 310 persons, in the software you select on the drop down A2, then plug in occupant load of 300+, and it provides everything for that inspector to review specific to that occupancy while on site.  FSP, exits, extinguishers, commercial cooking, fire alarm ect.. And,  when the inspector comes across a contravention there is an option to take a picture with the device and sinc it with the contravention.  Once the inspection has complete the inspection software will populate all contraventions with the correct code references, inspector reviews adds in corrective actions and makes any grammatical changes required, then print or e-mails from the device.