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Joseph GardinerJoseph Gardiner
  • City: North Bay
  • Department Name: North Bay Fire & Emergency Services

Hello Howie, See below in the body of your questions for my response. Sorry it took so long, my email used to advise me of a board discussion but it does not now. Hopefully this helps you.

Joe Gardiner

North Bay

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if departments could share how there ” On Call ” works for their respective departments.
1. Does the fire prevention staff rotate On Call – Yes
2. Call out criteria for the suppression staff <b>- N/A suppression is not on call</b>
3.Time period that the fire prevention staff is On Call ( it is for 7 days 7 am Monday till 7 am Monday in PTBO) – we are on from Friday morning to Friday morning. 
4. The compensation for the fire prevention staff for the On Call time. ( even if you are not called in ) – $60 a week
5. Is there a min time for getting called on the phone for advice. – 6 hours
6. From the time you receive a call for investigation, what is the expected time frame for you to arrive. – Shortly after the call, 1/2 seems to be too much for our administration. 

Thank you for your input,