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Steve FowldsSteve Fowlds

1. Does the fire prevention staff rotate On Call
Yes, one week at a time starting Mondays, Tuesday if a long weekend.

2. Call out criteria for the suppression staff
when fire is of unknown origion or ofm required also in events where assistance may be required such as organizing red cross etc

3.Time period that the fire prevention staff is On Call ( it is for 7 days 7 am Monday till 7 am Monday in PTBO)
Monday 8:30 am to Monday 8:30 am. Staff have flexibility to trade weeks/days of coverage.

4. The compensation for the fire prevention staff for the On Call time. ( even if you are not called in )
$25 per day, plus minimum 3hrs Ot/Bank time if called in.

5. Is there a min time for getting called on the phone for advice.
No compensation for phone consultation.

6. From the time you receive a call for investigation, what is the expected time frame for you to arrive.
1hr to the scene.