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Gwen LewisGwen Lewis


Here is an excerpt of Ottawa Fire’s messaging on hose removal.

A Fire Prevention Officer will review the draft Fire Safety Plan and conduct a Fire Safety Plan review inspection of the building as per the Ontario Fire Code. This process includes a review of the last 2 years of ALL Fire and Life Safety Systems reports. ( Fire Alarm monitoring, Fire Alarm, Sprinkler, Fire Pump, Standpipe, Fire Extinguisher, Emergency Lighting, Smoke and CO Alarms, Fire Doors, Fire Stopping log, Generator etc).

If approval is given to remove fire hoses Ottawa Fire Services will issue a Fire Safety Plan approval letter and a separate letter indicating that hoses can be removed. It is then the Building Owners responsibility to distribute the new/revised fire safety plan and inform tenants/occupants that the fire hoses have been removed with OFS permission. With the approval letter the hoses can then be removed from the building and the “FIRE HOSE FOR USE BY TRAINED PERSONS ONLY” signage can be removed from the hose cabinet or reel. A new sign indicating that the “Fire Hoses were removed with permission of Ottawa Fire Services” may be added.

As the Building owner, it will remain your responsibly to continue to Inspect, Test and Maintain ALL Fire Life Safety systems as per the Ontario Fire Code and the Standpipe system as per NFPA 25 (2014)