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Kevin MeijerinkKevin Meijerink

Most of the OFM resources have been moved onto their Sharepoint site. I just logged on and had no problem grabbing the single page info sheets, which include a field to put your fire service’s info into.

The following came out in an email:
Information for the public (Fire Marshal Communiqués, media releases, fire safety tips, etc.) will be posted on This information will continue to circulate to fire services and industry stakeholders using the OFM’s email distribution lists and, where appropriate, on our Twitter accounts @ONFireMarshal and @IncendiesON. All specialized information and resources (technical guidelines, public education resources, etc.) will be available on a new SharePoint online site designed for fire services’ and stakeholders’ unique needs. The new SharePoint site will facilitate easy, secure and dedicated access to information and resources previously available on the OFM website. Content will be added over the coming weeks and months.

You can request access here: