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Below is the link to Oshawa Fire Services, Fire Works By-law, which was just amended a few weeks ago.

A Permit is required to sell consumer fireworks in our municipality, but only if it is from a “Temporary Sales Unit” meaning a transport trailer. If you are selling from a “Permanent Sales Unit” meaning retail sales store, ie Walmart, Costco, Canadian Tire, convenience store etc, a permit is not required and an Inspection from our department is not required unless we receive a complaint. The store would still have to follow the Federal regulations limiting the amount of explosive material in a single lot, distances to ignition sources, direct sunlight exposure and sold in pre-packaging units if consumers have direct contact with the product.

Sales can only take place 7 days preceding Victoria Day, Canada Day and Diwali, and fireworks can only be ignited on those days between dusk and 11pm. No exceptions due to inclement weather. Permits are not required for Consumer Fireworks for these 3 dates, but  any Consumer Fireworks display on any day other than the 3 above, would require a Permit.

All pyrotechnic displays, (music concerts and public displays) will require a Permit. Applications  for Fireworks Permits are made through Service Oshawa. Fire Prevention will complete the Permit with a site inspection, but all applications and paperwork (Insurance documents, site plan, valid Pyrotechnicians License, authourization from property owner, and product list) must be made 3 weeks prior to the event day or the first day for sales to begin.

Fines for not following the By-law are as follows:  1st conviction – up to $5,000, 2nd conviction – up to $10,000, 3rd conviction – up to $25,000 and is enforced by By-Law officers, not Fire (Thank Goodness).

Hope this helps.

Paul Hunt

Fire Prevention Inspector, Oshawa Fire Services.

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