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John WilsonJohn Wilson
  • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

I would refer them to the Building Department as they are altering a means of egress which makes a bldg permit required. Once they’ve been installed, then OFC is there to ensure the releasing mechanisms etc are properly maintained.

At minimum, they need an Architect and quite possibly an Electrical Engineer to provide the design & calculations for the building permit. A quick flip thru the OBC gets me the following, door swing (OBC, exit width calculations (OBC,,,,, exit obstructions (OBC , latch mechanisms (OBC,, visibility of the panels (OBC,

These are the type of situations where fostering a good relationship between the Building and Fire Departments is crucial for efficiency and ensuring things are properly addressed. I also recognize that the sports complex is likely municipally owned and that emphasizes the need to ensure the proper process is followed.