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John WilsonJohn Wilson
  • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

Wow. Just Wow. Let’s see, how many ways can we poke a hole in what they are suggesting?

1. OFM says “Never use your phone for inspections/investigations. If the case goes to court, you loose your phone and everything on it.”

2. Even if we were to use our phone, how the [email protected]#$ do they expect us to transfer 100+ high quality photos without a cable? Spend 3 days to email them one by one?

3. How do you load a file that’s too big to email? The way our system is set up, I can’t even email myself ONE photo at full size/resolution – I have to shrink them all.

4. How many courses have we taken part in that we are given a file by USB?

5. Is IT willing to risk a $1500 phone on a site rather than a $500 camera?

6. While phone cameras have been getting better, a real camera still wins out every time. Ever seen OFM Inspector/Investigator using a phone? Nope. Always a real camera. Same goes for Police Arson Investigators.

And those are just off the top of my head. I don’t see you needing a work-around, IT needs a reality check.