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Frank DevereauxFrank Devereaux

Question to Joe Gardiner Jon Wilson,

If the Sprinkler Company Service report indicates the that system is inspected/tested to NFPA 25, are you asking for all deficiencies be corrected to meet the standard? or just the inspection, testing and maintenance (6.5.4. to 6.5.6)?

For Lesley-Ann,

If the system was a design system under design requirement prescribed by the OBC you can use, to repair or maintain to ensure it operates as designed as a part of a life safety system as the Fire Code does not force then to use NFPA 25 check, test and maintain. The tricky part is the next sentence ( where is states “adversely affect”, so some background knowledge on sprinkler systems would be beneficial.

Example: The Service Company report states that the gauges on the system are over 5 years old and need to be changed would not be considered something that would adversely affect the sprinkler system.

Hope this helps

Frank D
Niagara Falls