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John WilsonJohn Wilson
  • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

I’m with Doug and would work off the new date.

Yes as you mention Al, there is the possibility of abuse of the system but we also all have those properties already that are at best 4 out of 5 years. At day 366 they are technically out of compliance and subject to enforcement actions. Earlier this year we did receive Communique from OFM to be sympathetic during the pandemic but that will presumably expire once the Provincial Emergency Order is lifted and the service companies have been able to catch up. That being said, just because a business had been Ordered closed, that didn’t absolve them from complying with other Applicable Law. I remember there being a specific note¬† in one of the early Emergency Orders that spoke directly to this. The LTC Home delaying due to an outbreak? Sure that makes sense. An otherwise empty assembly or business occupancy delaying? I don’t see that as a legitimate excuse for delay unless the service company was unavailable.