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Julien BoisvenueJulien Boisvenue
  • City: Hawkesbury
  • Department Name: Hawkesbury Fire Department

Wow! I would like to thank you all very much for the fast and excellent feedback!

Following yesterday’s inspection, I have a few questions. The ceiling separating the business from the 2 apartments is a suspended one and is not fire rated. The space between this suspended ceiling and the floor of the apartments is approximately 24 inches and the floor is made of wood boards/planks (see picture). Do I need to speak with the CBO? I believe a 1 hour fire separation is required? How would I deal with this?

The main area of the business has a combo smoke/CO alarm but there is an area at the back separated with a wall/door accessing to files, bathroom and kitchen but no combo smoke/CO alarm is present. Is one mandatory?

Also, the basement underneath the business is completely vacant with hardly any combustibles but did not have any smoke/CO alarms. I believe detection is required even if it is vacant?

Last thing….. the apartments upstairs only had smoke alarm and no CO alarms. I ordered for CO to be installed. Do the hallways require combo smoke/CO as well? Smokes were already present in the hallways.

Thanks again!