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Joseph GardinerJoseph Gardiner
  • City: North Bay
  • Department Name: North Bay Fire & Emergency Services


Vicky did a great job with her explanation but I just wanted to show you why 9.5 does not apply and how I would handle this. All municipalities and fire departments will handle something like this differently depending on a number of factors. I really try to consider the risk associated to the occupant/building(s) and achieve fire safety economically. I think hearing how different fire departments deal with this situation is a good thing.

Subsection 9.5.1. Application and General

Application (1) This Section applies to buildings up to and including 6 storeys in building height with residential occupancies and containing

(a) more than two dwelling units where

Because 9.5 requires more than two dwelling units you cannot apply retrofit as Vicky has explained.

We have a lot of these buildings in North Bay and utilize an F order which Vicky did a great job explaining. These are the things I cover in my order depending on the configuration of the building and its associated fire risks. I have them protect all closures opening into the exit stairway (a door I feel will provide 20 minute fire protection rating, i.e. steel clad exterior door and not necessarily a fire rated door), install self closing devices on the doors, protect the of the exit stairway with type X drywall from the commercial occupancy if there is no fire separation , and if there is no acceptable fire separation between the commercial and dwelling units I would have them install hardwired interconnected smoke alarms at each level of the commercial occupancy and at each level of the exit stairway for the dwellings. This would provide early detection for the two dwelling units. Generally these buildings are in the downtown area and are interconnected with several others.

How much further I went with this building would depend on its complexity but generally how I would handle a building like this.

Plus, part 2 & 6 OFC…

Hopefully this also helps you.

Hopefully this helps.

Joe Gardiner