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John WilsonJohn Wilson
  • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

I imagine that the concern is that if people can buy fireworks, then they will set them off and not think twice about it or the resulting potential for grass fires. The “I shouldn’t be able to buy them if I can’t use them” mentality. I have yet to hear of an FD tasked with enforcing social distancing – if there is, I’d like to hear about it.

I just looked at our bylaw again. It’s citing FPPA 7.1(1) and Municipal Act Section 120 & 121. as the authority. MA 121 specifically speaks to the sale and setting off of fireworks. I see in the Pickering bylaw that the sale is limited to the week before Victoria Day and week before Canada Day – we don’t have those clauses in ours – they can be sold any time here.

I wonder if a bylaw could be amended to include a simple statement prohibiting sale and/or discharge any time there is a burn ban in place?