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Joseph GardinerJoseph Gardiner
  • City: North Bay
  • Department Name: North Bay Fire & Emergency Services

Hello Nicholas,

I have never seen a rating tag on a Kalamein door and I honestly don’t know if they come with one. I am sure there will be various opinions around the province on your question. I would more often accept a kalamein door but would consider the following conditions prior to my determination.

  • Condition of the door – is it flimsy or sturdy.
  • Occupant load of the floor area that the appliance room is on and the total occupant load of the building.
  • Location of the appliance room. For example, does it open into an exit, is it in the basement or is adjacent to the assembly.
  • Does the room posses automatic detection.
  • ¬†Condition of the appliance(s).

I have done a lot of fire investigations and doors aren’t typically the weakest area of construction because they do not typically sustain direct flame impingement.

Hopefully this helps you.