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Joseph GardinerJoseph Gardiner
  • City: North Bay
  • Department Name: North Bay Fire & Emergency Services

Hello Lesley-Anne,

I only enforce the requirements of the OFC unless the sprinkler company service report indicates they have inspected/tested as per NFPA 25. In my opinion there are no provisions for an FPO to only enforce NFPA 25. I commonly get questions from our local sprinkler companies about this very topic and I always reply I can only enforce the OFC requirements and leave it with the owner and sprinkler company to decide.

Keeping this in mind, I always inform the owner that they should seek guidance from their insurance company because their contract may stipulate they use NFPA 25.  I find that in most cases their insurance company will require their sprinkler system to be inspect/test as per NFPA 25.

If I am at an inspection and see violations of the OFC I will always enforce by way of a fire inspection order.

Joe G