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Al BastienAl Bastien

Good morning everyone.

As a member of the ULC committee I can’t condone sending around copyright material, but I’m happy to help by addressing specific needs and can include references from the standard to support any answers I provide.

Aside from that, Joe is correct. You can sign up for a free account and view any ULC standard online. The link he posted is for CAN/ULC-S536-13 but you will need your own account to view it. This is not the edition that we use in Ontario however either. We must still use CAN/ULC-S536-04.

Remember also that the editions of the ULC standards for all building permits that are taken out after Jan 1, 2020 fall under newer ULC editions (CAN/ULC-S524-14 and CAN/ULC-S537-13). These are still not the latest but are to be used moving forward. All work that were taken out under permit prior to January 1 will still follow the 06 & 04 editions so we’re going to have to be mindful of determining the permit date to ensure we’re following the correct edition during installation and verification.

Also, under the amended Building Code an integrated systems test must be performed in accordance with CAN/ULC-S1001 so you will need to see that report as well.

The 19 editions of the CAN/ULC-S524, S537 and S536 are not to be used in Ontario at this time. In Ontario, the fire code still references the 04 edition of CAN/ULC-S536, so we need to keep using it until the Fire Code changes its reference which I suspect we’ll see soon.

Have a great day everyone! Enforcement is the key to compliance. Thanks for what you do.