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John WilsonJohn Wilson
  • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

I came across it by chance late October when speaking with a CFAA tech (not from my area) for advice on a situation. I’d also asked OMFPOA to post it but still don’t see it listed on the site.

When considering  the recall, to me it is irrelevant if these devices are there for life safety or property preservation. The F.P.P.A. and Fire Code both speak to fire safety, life safety, damage to property, etc.  I imagine there has to be a proven failure rate to support the recall otherwise the recall wouldn’t exist.  Without going into any specific criteria of S536, it seems to me that the existence of the recall would be in contravention of and an easy Order to repair or replace.

I fail to see how the lot testing parameters are applicable when the recall exists – that makes sense in absence of the recall.

I do agree that a fire watch may be a bit excessive but that would be site specific. What other detection components exist in the building? What’s the risk of the occupancy? I’d be inclined to go with the 30 day Order.

It’s rather surprising that considering the magnitude of this that there hasn’t been any official word from OFM.