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Joseph GardinerJoseph Gardiner
  • City: North Bay
  • Department Name: North Bay Fire & Emergency Services

Because of the seriousness of this.

“Issue: The product may fail to activate, causing users and central monitoring stations to not be alerted to the elevated temperature, in a location, which could lead to the spread of fire.”

“The product is a mechanical heat detector used in specific indoor applications to detect the presence of an elevated temperature.  It does not detect smoke, nor does it contain an audible notification device as part of the assembly.  This product is professionally installed and used as part of a fire detection system, in places where a smoke alarm would be unsuitable.  In residential settings this product is installed in kitchens, attics and garages for the purpose of property protection, but not life safety.  This detector must be connected to a fire alarm or security panel for monitoring and supervision, as the panel, and not the affected product, drives the connected alarm signals. “

I have not dealt with this type of situation yet. If I did come across this during an inspection and identified there were detectors falling under this recall I would have the building start a documented “fire watch” until the devices were replaced. Unless, they the owner can prove it does not affect life safety which I believe will be hard to attain. If they can justify that it does not affect life safety, provisions in the fire safety plan to elevate emergency procedures could be amended until the affected devices are replaced. You may also consider updating your fire cad system so that attending fire crews are aware of the situation.

Hopefully this helps,