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John WilsonJohn Wilson
  • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

We also have one here in Perth. Historically it’s been on a training night (usually the first in October so it’s close to FPW) so the troops are here anyway.  We’ve focused on a different area of Town each year with the intention that after 5 years, we’d be back at the start again.  I’m doing it differently this year that we are going to the same neighbourhood as 2017 (we missed 2018 due to other training requirements). Rather than just giving the guys specific streets to do, I pulled the actual house addresses from 2017 that had someone home and created a list of the houses that either had no one home or we didn’t get to.

To help with buy-in from your members, I see two components of it: 1) public education is part of the job they signed up for – ie. mandatory participation. (I guess that’s not really buy-in now is it lol) 2) Give the teams options of when to do it if it’s not on a training night but a deadline date to have it done. In the rural areas, during the day on a weekend might be more receptive that everyone can see what’s going on better.

Another option is to plan it for a Saturday and bribe your members with a BBQ after….

Personally, I think the door-to-door approach where we still get to talk to the residents is the only way to go.