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Robert KingRobert King

Morning, You don’t need to enforce NFPA 1142, the Ontario Fire Code gives you what you need;


Subsection 2.5.1.  General

Application  (1)  This Section applies to fire access routes

(a)   required to be constructed under the Building Code,

(b)   required by municipal by-law, or

(c)   required by this Code.

Maintaining access free of obstructions  (1)  Fire access routes and access panels or windows provided to facilitate access for fire fighting operations shall not be obstructed by vehicles, gates, fences, building materials, vegetation, signs or any other form of obstruction.

(2)  Fire department sprinkler and standpipe connections shall be clearly identified and maintained free of obstructions for use at all times.

Maintenance  Fire access routes shall be maintained so as to be immediately ready for use at all times by fire department vehicles.

Signs  Approved signs shall be displayed to indicate fire access routes.


Subsection 6.6.1.  General  Private and public water supplies for fire protection installations shall be maintained to provide the required flow under fire conditions.

Tank inspections  An annual inspection shall be made of tanks for fire protection, tank supporting structures and water supply systems, including piping, control valves, check valves, heating systems, mercury gauges and expansion joints, to ensure that they are in operating condition.

Subsection 6.6.4.  Hydrants

Hydrants  Municipal and private hydrants shall be maintained in operating condition.  Hydrants shall be maintained free of snow and ice accumulations.  Hydrants shall be readily available and unobstructed for use at all times.


The Ontario Building Code (OBC) does require Part 3 (OBC) buildings to have a water supply for fire fighting, and to determine the amount of water supply the Appendix provides great details as to how an Engineer determines the amount of water required.