ULC Call for Members – ULC Standards Committee on Servicing of Extinguishing Systems (S500H)

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April 16, 2020

Call for Members – ULC Standards Committee on Servicing of Extinguishing Systems (S500H)

ULC Standards is an accredited consensus-based Standards Development Organization under the National Standards System of Canada. We develop and publish standards and specifications for products having a bearing on fire, life safety and security, crime prevention, energy efficiency, environmental safety, security of assets and facilities, live working and workplace safety and other areas. Currently, ULC Standards is working to form a ULC Technical Committee to work on the development of two proposed standards:

1) Standard for the Servicing of Halon and Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems; and2) Standard for the Servicing of Restaurant Cooking Area Extinguishing Systems.

The resulting standards will be nationally recognized and approved by the Standards Council of Canada.

ULC Standards is seeking Canadian membership on the ULC Technical Committee on the Servicing of Extinguishing Systems, S500H. As a ULC Technical Committee member, your responsibilities would include:

1) Reviewing draft standards or proposals and providing input prior to announced deadlines through ULC CSDS (Collaborative Standards Development System). CSDS is ULC Standard’s web-based standards development system. Members must have access to the Internet.2) Voting on proposed and final standard drafts prior to announced deadlines through CSDS, if applicable.

3) Participate in Standards meetings and volunteering to help draft requirements in the field of expertise.

4) Complying with SCC (Standards Council of Canada) Requirements and Guidelines and ULC Standards Manual on Procedures for Standards Development.

If you wish to apply to be a member on this ULC Technical Committee, please submit the ULC Technical Committee membership application via ULC CSDS.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Wathma Jayathilake, via email, Wathma.Jayathilake@ul.org, or via phone, 613-368-4432.