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      Matt TyoMatt Tyo

      Wondering if anyone else has been contacted by any of their V.O.’s asking to cancel or postpone their drill for 2020. I anticipate to get more requests in this regard with the risk of Covid.

      The communique “mitigating risk to covid-19” allows the CFO to review inspection and fire drill requirements. Just curious how other departments are handling the situation.

      Stay Safe

      Matt Tyo, Brockville Fire.

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      One of the problems we all face is that these inspections and drills are required by regulations and directives. We don’t have the legal authority, common sense notwithstanding, to forgo them. The province has made other emergency regulations, for example, removing the requirement for certain permits during this pandemic. If we are to skip doing the drills and inspections this year it needs to come from the province.

      We are holding off right now as the year is still relatively young, but this will be more of an issue as time passes.

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      i had received an email from Dr. Paul, our Chief medical officer, saying this question had been posed to him from several FPO’s. he had forwarded the concerns to the EOC, and that there would be exemptions announced shortly, but that was on April 18th. and havent heard anything since.

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson

      I also would like to see some direction from the Province on this as it’s a lot harder with these to justify postponing them when compared to chip trucks or property sales.

      Chris, don’t forget that the timing of these is once every 12 months, not once every calendar year. I’ve got one in Aug, 1 in Oct, 4 in Nov and 1 in Dec.

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      Mike FrenchMike French

      I have been looking for some clarification on this issue as well, has anyone received any updates? I have a LTC centre asking what needs to be done to stay compliant but has raised concerns about hosting a drill due infection control.



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      Lukasz KasprzykLukasz Kasprzyk

      Has anyone contacted the OFMEM directly with this question so that all of us get proper direction?

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      Brian BuchananBrian Buchanan

      Communique 2020-14 was published on June 25 regarding vo’s inspections and fire drills

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