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      Scott HardwickScott Hardwick

      I would like to share this email I recently received. Check out their website….
      Good Afternoon,

      My name is Matthew Stephan, I am a recent university graduate that started a company focused on making educational video games.


      We recently launched our premiere game about fire safety in the household. Working with experienced fire prevention officers, we developed a game for kids that is both fun to play and a very effective teaching tool. The game has received excellent feedback from fire departments who are looking to engage with their communities about this life saving information.

      I understand that the OMFPOA works to create a forum among Fire Prevention Officers where they share and contribute ideas about Fire Prevention. I feel the game may be an excellent tool for fire prevention officers to better engage with and educate their communities.

      It is my hope I can speak with you directly and get your input about the game and how it may be used in your public outreach efforts as well as those of your organization’s members. Feedback from an experienced industry professional would be incredibly valuable in improving the game’s impact.

      The game is currently being used and promoted by a number fire departments in Ontario. I hope to expand its use and see more departments and organizations utilize its benefits to better connect with and educate their communities.

      Kind Regards,

      Matthew Stephan
      CEO & Co-Founder

      Squabble Studios E: matt@squabblestudios.ca
      Seriously Fun Games W: squabblestudios.ca
      P: 905-922-3121

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