Inquiry on Residential Sprinklers and Municipal Economic Incentive

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      Del Blakney on behalf of Jessica Yaniw.

      Grey Highlands Fire is exploring the possibility of passing a Notice of Motion through Council to ask that the Municipality pass a by-law offering some sort of economic incentive to homeowners of new construction who install residential sprinklers in their home. Typically the construction costs associated with residential sprinklers are 1-1.5% of total construction costs. Perhaps the Municipality could offer some type of rebate on the municipal portion of their development fees to offset costs? We have inquired with the Treasurer and the CAO on the feasibility of this, given constraints within the Municipal Act. Given that we are a rural community, with a volunteer fire department, the installation of residential sprinklers would substantially increase survivability in the event of a fire, and promote firefighter health and safety. It would also have cost savings to the ratepayer in terms of their own insurance premiums.

      In addition to being identified in our Master Fire Plan, it also goes along with our Municipal Vision as it would promote the building of a resilient community.

      If you, or members of the executive or other OMFPOA members are aware of any communities that have successfully implemented this, I would be very interested, and would like to include this in my staff report to Council. I have also placed an inquiry with Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Canada on this matter.

      Thank you in advance.

      Jessica Yaniw, FPO, PFLSE, CEMC
      Fire Prevention Officer, Public Fire & Life Safety Educator
      Fire Admin Assistant
      206 Toronto Street South, Unit 1,  P.O.Box 409 Markdale, Ontario  N0C 1H0
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      Michael BurnsMichael Burns

      Hi Jessica, Del,

      See the link below from Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Of note in the link, “In 2015, Council adopted a Residential Sprinkler Tax Incentive Policy. The intent of this policy is to ease the burden of costs incurred for the installation of residential sprinklers in homes that would not be required to have sprinklers by any other Act, Code, or Regulation. The incentive is for 50% of the annual municipal portion of the property taxes over a period of 5 years to a maximum of $4,000.”

      If you need any further information contact Deputy Chief Pete L’Heureux. He may have additional information on other municipalities that have similar or other provisions.

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      Michael BurnsMichael Burns

      It may also be worthwhile contacting some of the departments in Lower Mainland BC. They’ve required residential sprinkler systems for some time now. But I’m not sure what incentives they provide or how they were implemented.

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson

      I was going to suggest checking with BC also, it might even be part of their building code now –  I’d heard they were pushing for that but don’t know how it worked out.

      Michael, thanks for the link to Swift Current. We’ve got one property here currently under construction where the owner was adamant that they have residential sprinklers and there was lots of discussion surrounding it. We are a fully serviced municipality and they needed to go from a standard 3/4″ water meter to a 1″ to meet the flow rates for 13D. Our water fees are based on size of meter and debate even had to happen for him to get the 1″ meter yet charge him normal 3/4″ rates (which to  me seemed like an absurd discussion – just give him the lower rate)

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      Michael BurnsMichael Burns

      Hi Jon

      Have they considered a multipurpose combined system like uponor?

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson

      I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how it ended. I know the place is framed and they are working on the interior. I’ll take a look…

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      Kevin MeijerinkKevin Meijerink

      In many municipalities, fire protection water is exempt from metering.  In theory it is possible to bring the 1″ main into the house and tee off in the appropriate 3/4″ size for the domestic service while maintaining the fire protection portion meter free.

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson

      We are one of those municipalities that do not charge for fire protection water. However, if you are running a combined system (sprinklers off the cold water supply) there’s no way around it coming thru the meter.

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