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      Just wondering if anyone has any formal policies regarding what they permit in building lobbies with respect to christmas trees and wreaths on doors etc.?

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      Roel BusRoel Bus

      Hey Delbert,

      Sarnia does not have any formal specific Christmas decorations policy. We are going to be updating our policies and guidelines this year, so that is something to be considered.

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson

      We don’t have any here in Perth.  It’s a bit of a tough one for sure. It doesn’t exactly fit under the ‘interior finishes’ category and more the ‘accumulation of combustible material’ or ‘obstruction of a means of egress’. To me, it’s one of those areas of reasonable judgement on the part of the inspector unless the dept wants to take a Grinch approach and say none are allowed as that’s the easiest to enforce but bad public perception.

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      John LakeJohn Lake

      Hey Del,

      I have an information sheet that I received from the OFM some time ago that states:


      It is not intended that Christmas trees be included as ” other decorative materials”. The Fire Code has no provisions for regulating the combustibility of Christmas trees. However, Christmas trees, both real and artificial, can present a fire hazard and we recommend that the following guidelines be followed:

      1. instead of a live tree use an artificial tree which has been tested to show that it is noncombustible;

      2. tree decorations should be noncombustible;

      3. ensure that tree lights are CSA approved, and check for and deterioration, loose wires, faulty connections, etc;

      4. do not use candles and open flames on or near Christmas trees;

      5. do not locate the tree in a means of egress or obstruct exit doors.

      If you do use a real tree then, in addition to the above, the following guidelines should also be followed:

      1. use a freshly cut tree and do not keep it indoors for any longer than necessary;

      2. make a fresh cut on an angle at least one inch above the original cut end;

      3. keep the tree standing in water during the period the tree is indoors;

      4. add water to the container daily to keep the water level above the angled cut of the trunk;

      5. check the tree daily for drying out. A simple test of removing a small sample and taking it outside for a match test will indicate the condition of the tree. A dry tree is a hazard and must be removed immediately;

      6. do not locate the tree near heat producing devices, e.g. stoves, heat ducts, direct sunlight through windows, etc.

      Hope this helps!


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