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      Duncan RydallDuncan Rydall

      A fatal fire in Thornbury in late 2012 prompted a push for heat detection devices be installed into the suites of all County Housing buildings. The Thornbury fire had a single fatality in the suite and a delay in activation of the fire alarm by other building occupants. Damage over $500,000 as the fire escaped the suite of origin. It took some time and $100,000 to upgrade all the County owned buildings. Fast forward…A fire recently in Owen Sound was detected in suite by recently upgraded fire alarm in a County owned building. Damage $50,000 and contained to the suite.
      The point I am trying to make is that as a group we should share this information with all our County Housing authorities. The convincing to complete the upgrade was challenging but the dollar loss is very different. Also in both instances there was a single occupant, if there was another occupant in another room in the suite of origin would that addition of a heat detector get help to possibly rescue another occupant?
      Food for thought, see you at the Symposium.
      Duncan Rydall

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