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Call for nominations for 2023 Annual Awards

OMFPOA Executive are requesting annual nominations for the following awards, please nominate deserving individuals: Jim Copeland Award Dave Sylvester Student Bursary Al Suleman Award (Fire Prevention Employee of the Year) Fire Chief of the Year Award The deadline for submissions is 26 April 2023.

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2023 Symposium Hotel Bookings

  Delta Hotels London Armouries has created a website to enable Symposium attendees to register at the discounted rate. Follow the instructions below to book . Further information on the Symposium and registration forms can be found here. Book your group rate for OMFPOA 2023 Symposium Thank you for considering to stay at the Delta

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      George MacrisGeorge Macris

      Has anyone used Section 15 Immediate threat to life? What was it for? How  was everything organized? How did everything work out?

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      ive used it to install smoke alarms before and remove temporary wiring from a grow op before. its pretty straight forward

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson

      Residential dwelling with excessive quantities of hazardous liquids and materials (retired chemical distributor). No malicious intent, he simply didn’t get rid of his leftover stock when he quit selling and 30 (ish) years later it was brought to our attention. We issued the ITL under Section 15, an Inspection Order under 21(1)(g) citing as well as the CBO issuing an Unsafe Order under BCA 15.9(4) referencing BCA 15.9(2)(b).

      There’s lots of applications for ITL. I haven’t needed it yet for hoarding but I know some of my neighbouring colleagues have.

      George, what situation are you considering?


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      George MacrisGeorge Macris

      Thanks Nicholas and Jon for the information.

      We have many single family homes  converted to rooming houses. As may as 15 occupants and many of them having just a curtain for separating one sleeping room from the other. No exits from basement and second floor, they use the common stairs in the middle of the house. No fire separations,  no smokes or COs. The owner is overseas and have language barrier with occupants.

      Based in these conditions I would like to go in and install the smoke and COs and remove the people from the basement. But how is this organized? Do I just enter one day and start installing the smokes and COs?  What about removing the basement occupants, where do they stay? Do they need to know in advance that they are being removed?  Its all the preparation to implement this which I’m not familiar with.


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      thats a little bit trickier when it comes to removing people. as for installing the smokes and CO , you just walk right in and do it, make you sure you post it on the front of the building and send a copy of the ITL to the owner. my understanding when it comes to removing people is, you are responsible for them.

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      Joseph GardinerJoseph Gardiner

      Good morning George,

      Chuck Parsons, the fire chief of Kingsville gave a presentation at the fire college during the 2019 Fire Prevention Seminar regarding a bunch of buildings popping up in his jurisdiction similar to yours and how he and the city dealt with it.

      I think it would be worth you reaching out to him.

      Kingsville fire department  (519) 733-2314.

      Joe Gardiner

      North Bay

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson

      I’m with Nick, post the Order and install the alarms as step 1.   Rooming /boarding houses get tricky quickly, we don’t have a say in how people get to live in a ‘family unit’ but on the other side, Section 9.3 is there for a reason – you just have to be able to reasonably prove that it applies. One thing in particular to consider with ITL is the immediate nature of it – the longer between discovery and action the more it’s hard to justify using the ITL rather than an Inspection Order.

      Joe sounds like he’s got a good contact there for you.

      I’d also highly recommend calling the Inspection and Enforcement Unit of OFM to get their guidance 1-800-565-1842.

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