Apartment suites with self closing doors

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      Chris MatthewsChris Matthews

      In apartments with self closing doors at each suite, must the doors remain closed except to enter or exit the suite or are occupants allowed to keep doors open to circulate air ? Also, are the door closiers required to be inspected by a building staff member each month?

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      the door is a requirement for the fire separation, so yes it must remain closed. you can issue a ticket for it also

      Closure in fire separation wedged open
      Article of Division B

      the self closing feature is also part of the door , which is a fire separation, so yes it has to be inspected as part of the separations

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson

      Also see (1) a door in a fire separation shall be kept closed when not in use

      (2) A door in a fire separation shall be checked as frequently as necessary to ensure that the door remains closed.

      (3) Sentences (1) and (2) do not apply to

      (a) a door designed to close automatically in the event of a fire emergency, or

      (b) a door for which an approved fire safety plan contains provisions for closing in the event of a fire emergency.

      (4) A door in a fire separation shall be inspected monthly.


      So even a door in a fire separation without a self-closing device must be kept closed unless it meets Sentence (3) like if there was a magnetic hold-open (happens often) or part of the fire safety plan (which I only approve under limited circumstances and your’s isn’t one of them)

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      Chris MatthewsChris Matthews

      Okay, thank you for helping me clear that up.

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