Annual Smoke Alarm Testing During Lock-down

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      Jacques BoutrosJacques Boutros

      Hi all,

      Does anyone have suggestions for landlords/property managers to complete their annual smoke alarm testing during a lock-down in-case of another quarantine?

      I have thought about either completing the testing early before another wave of Covid-19 cases or to have the tenants complete the inspection themselves. However there are lots of issues with these two strategies. First of all, corporations with multiple buildings/dwelling units have lengthy inspection processes (preparation, tracking, follow-ups) which could be interrupted at any time by a second lock-down even if they start their inspection process early. This could potentially waste resources and would not guarantee that the annual inspections be completed on time. Secondly, having tenants perform their own inspection would open the opportunity for mass-misinformation. Especially if tenants involuntarily make mistakes during the inspection or do not take it seriously. Besides, it is not the tenants responsibility to perform these inspections and they should not be expected to do it.

      Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks in advance.

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      Al BastienAl Bastien

      Alberta Municipal Affairs issued a Standata for their province that might give you some ideas:

      MA Fire Code Bulletin 19-FCB-003

      It talks about what an owner might be permitted to do. Focus on the first three pages probably.

      Although not exactly addressing your concern, I think it does give some potential options.

      Stay safe!

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      Jacques BoutrosJacques Boutros

      Thanks Al! I’ll have a look.

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson

      Jacques, there’s a couple Communiques from OFM that would be worth a read. The are in the NEWS section. One is from July 10 on VOs and the other is a more general one from March 27th. I’ve tried twice to put the links in this response but for some reason my post isn’t registering.

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