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John WilsonJohn Wilson

Hello Howie,

Being part of both sides of the equation (FPO and Bldg Insp) I would agree with the Building Official you spoke with. To me, taking the door off would fall under FC because the original design had the doors.  That being said, there are many places that don’t have doors on the bathrooms to begin with (movie theatre, mall, some newer schools, etc)  I’m guessing in these circumstances, the bathroom is rated the same as the corridor.

Another option to the mag hold-opens might be to consider fuseable links to keep them open as we all know it’s pretty easy to manually pull a door off the mag-hold.

Ultimately, if this were brought to me here (which as of yet it has not) I would instruct the school that to remove the doors entirely, an Architect would have to evaluate it and move forward based on their recommendations.