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We don’t have a bylaw in Brantford that covers this. If I was to draft one up I would ensure that all “Mobile Food Service Vehicles” are included (see TSSA Director order FS-056-06) and I would also ensure the OFM Q&A info was included;

Q8 Does this Article apply to a chip wagon that is located at one site?
A8 The Fire Code definition for a building is less prescriptive than found in the Building Code and deals with a structure used or intended for supporting or sheltering any use or occupancy.
Where a chip wagon has taken on sufficient elements of site permanence, Fire Code provisions could be used to require exhaust and fire protection systems for an active business.

Elements of permanence could be:

lack of or expired licence plates
-foundation under axles or frame
-permanent attachment of services (power, water, sewers)
-removal of engine
-modification of vehicle to render it untowable
-regular hours of commerce

Fire departments should be aware of the provisions of other laws or by-laws that could also apply, such as those relating to building permits, zoning approval, spatial separations, parking, access and air emissions.

Nevertheless, a specific by-law identifying the controls required by the municipality for chip wagons (particularly those which are mobile) would provide the clearest path to obtaining fire protection and exhaust systems.