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I agree with Darren, the checklist is absolutely terrible. In forcing us to use it they are basically saying we don’t know how to do our jobs.
There are areas in the checklist that do not apply to any buildings here in Gravenhurst, but N/A is not an option. The checklist takes an inordinate amount of time that could be much better spent elsewhere.
If it is accountability they are looking at, they need to make sure that fire inspectors have the appropriate qualifications and maintain their knowledge accordingly.
I also agree with Jeff in that the times in a sprinklered occupancy with 20 minute rated doors provides the staff with 80 minutes to evacuate a zone, and if they have a 45 minute rated door assembly (which I have in two facilities) they have 105 minutes! This may make sense from an engineering perspective looking at the time assigned to fire resistance ratings for construction assemblies, but it is not in my humble opinion realistic.
I also question the method for conducting the fire drills. How can a fire drill be any where near accurate if;
a: proctors are being used (and I understand and support the use of proctors to prevent harm to residents/patients) and
b: if they are ‘pretending’ to be in bed asleep?
The training is also fairly generic, with portions that don’t apply in some cases, which leads to confusion and frustration in staff who don’t understand the Fire Code, and the intent behind some of the requirements. Fire departments should be providing training to their VO’s geared to the abilities and make-up of the fire department. Our capabilities from an initial response perspective are not the same as say Oakville, or Toronto etc.
That’s enough of a rant for me…for now!