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The whole thing does need to be revisited YES. The problem we have been discussing at our chapter 11 meetings is buildings being changed from residential to care (vulnerable Occupancy) with no permits. This is happening all over Ontario. I have contacted the OFMEM and RHRA with not much help. THE OFMEM said it is a Building Dept issue not Fire. The RHRA said they have places all over that have changed from residential to care and never got a change of use to do so. We have a new residential building that the owner has put persons in need of care on the third floor. Our building Dept. requested a change of use permit and received a engineers and architect report saying they do not need to do anything to the building. They had a perceived fire at this location and staff indicated that three residents could not be evacuated because they are confined to beds. We are going to address this through our fire drills but they have 80 min to evacuate the floor area (Really). Some support from the OFMEM would be a great start!!!