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Martyn PaygeMartyn Payge

We are going through something similar at the moment.

Did you or could you make an application to the superior court under the FPPA s. 32 Compliance Order?

Our case was failing to comply with FSIO’s.
The appellant pleading guilty to the offences when he failed to comply with the orders in front of the judge. We applied to the superior court for a ‘Compliance Order’ FPPA s. 32.

The appellant has till the end of May to comply with this order. Our lawyer devised us that if the appellant fails to comply with the judges order, we go back to the superior court to notify them that he has not complied.

what happens then is a bit of a mystery, as we do not know anyone that has been through this, or got this far.

I will advise our group of the outcome when we get to that stage, as we can see the appellant has not made any attempt to comply.

I hope this helps.