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Mathew WilliamsonMathew Williamson

Hi All, Vince good post. Caught my attention right away. We try to employ a pretty cooperative relationship with our Building Department, although sometimes difficult. Brief answers to your Q’s from Burlington:

1. Are your fire inspectors certified as building inspectors? (Most have Legal and Fire Protection) (Not designated by Council as OBC Inspectors)
2. Do your fire inspectors conduct plans review? (Site Plan only)
3. Do your fire inspectors conduct inspections on new construction / alterations (building permit issued)? (Not generally, there’s odd instances)
4. Does your building department pay the wages of your fire inspectors that do plans review? (Are they paid an hourly rate by the building department for their services?) (N/A – No)
5. Does your building department cover the cost of BCIN courses, building codes, exams and annual certification? (No)

Mat Williamson,