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Dave BakerDave Baker


Combustible = “able to be burned easily” from Webster’s does not apply as that is for guest suites, allows the use of combustibles in the space you describe as long as the space is designed for it. You and the CBO have to decide what that means. requires that the means of egress remains free of obstructions. You have to feel comfortable that the materials in question can’t “migrate” into the expected path of travel. Consideration could be given to securing or delineating the materials.

There is no referenced standard as of yet to define combustibility of furniture in Canada that I am aware of. The California standards seem to be the favorite documents to refer to. http://www.nfpa.org/newsandpublications/nfpa-journal/2013/september-october-2013/features/old-problem-fresh-look & http://www.nfpa.org/Assets/files/AboutTheCodes/277/2156%20-%20UpholsteredFurnWhitePaper.pdf are really fun reads.

Is solid wood easily ignitable? What about “treated” cushions that meet an unrecognized standard? There is no easy answer. Evaluate the risk, consider the probabilities and take reasonable steps to mitigate potential loses.