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Dave BakerDave Baker

Thanks Joe for your advice and input. Yes a building permit is a definite. We work closely with our Planning and Development Division reviewing applications and drawings submitted by qualified designers/architects. However, the question originates from a qualified P. Eng.

I think I answered my own question. The real dilemma was in NFPA 75 (ref by NFPA 13). 8.1 requires these rooms to be sprinkler protected whether or not the building is sprinkler protected. There is an allowance where the building is not sprinkler protected to use CAFS in lieu of sprinklers. 8.4.1 speaks to total gaseous flooding systems protecting critical data in process in non-sprinklered rooms.

I failed to recognize the requirement in 8.1 as stand alone, if the building is sprinkler protected, the Information Technology Equipment Room mustalso be sprinkler protected. The allowance in 8.4 does not alleviate this requirement.

Thanks to all for your consideration.