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Message from our Symposium Keynote Speaker Peter Katz

A message from our Symposium Keynote speaker Peter Katz Peter Katz is a Juno Award- and Canadian Screen Award-nominated singer-songwriter who has spent the past 20 years touring internationally. He has been described by many of his fans and speaking clients as “a thunderbolt for the soul”. A gifted storyteller fluent in English and French,

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Membership Renewal Reminder

OMFPOA Memberships expire at the end of each calendar year. As we have had ongoing website construction and upgrades being completed we have not removed any accounts that have yet to pay for 2023. Our membership continues to increase and we hope to have you as part of our association. This post is to serve

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Alan KrajcirAlan Krajcir

Hi Duncan,

I received my letter from the OFC from Doug before he left. I must add, I had to personally send him emails and many at that to get my letter

Alan Krajcir
Haldimand County