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Hi Paul

Are you inspecting the NFPA 96 exhaust systems on roof-tops? Yes we are.

If yes, do you do it all year or only in spring, summer and fall? No seasonal restrictions as long as the inspector feels it is safe. We also do this under a building permit, therefore it could be any time of the year depending on the permit and installation date.

Do the fire crews attend with the inspectors? No not as a routine but if the inspector requires ladder access over 3 metres or would like an aerial, then yes by request.

Do they just hold the ladder or do they also go onto the roof? Situation dependent, whatever the inspector and suppression crew feel more comfortable with.

Have the inspectors had ladder training? Yes.

Has an OG for NFPA 96 inspections been created? No.

Are inspections pre-booked with occupant? Yes.